Shopify Dispatch Issue #447 - First-party data, AI in Google results

Issue #447 - April 17th, 2024

What is First-Party Data? A Complete Guide on Data

Holly Stanley writes about first-party data and how to use it on Shopify's blog.

Analyzing the first-party data that's automatically collected for you in Shopify is a big reason why I created Repeat Customer Insights.

SEO Takeaways from SGE’s Partial Rollout

Ann Smarty reviewed some of the early research about Google using AI to power their results. It seems to help and hurt organic listings so you'll want to start thinking about how you'd adapt once its rolled out.

Figure out which sales channels send you the best customers

With the acquisition source analysis, Repeat Customer Insights can show you which sales channels are sending you the best customers.

My articles this week

Treat customers differently

Customer retention programs should improve customer behavior

Upset loyal customers shout the loudest

Brand loyalty starts before the first purchase

Eric Davis

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