Show your customers they are wanted

Last month we had a contractor replace and re-plumb our water heater, giving it a much needed upgrade.

This contractor was one we've used before to replace our heating/AC, electrical wiring, and a few other projects. We've spent a decent sum over the years but not a whole lot.

During the project, the owner of the company dropped by to chat with us for a few minutes.

Not a sales call. Not a push for more work. Just a friendly person-to-person chat and a thank you for our business.

We were already happy with the price and quality of their work but this short 15 minute chat with their owner worked well to improve our loyalty.

It would be impossible for an owner of a Shopify store to drop-by and talk to every repeat customers but you could always do something. That might be a short letter, a personal sketch, or even a one-off email.

If you're providing a great service with a great product, your customers will want to hear from you now and then.

The first way to tell is if your Repeat Purchase Rate is above 30% when measured by Repeat Customer Insights. Mid-20% is the low-average and what the big-bureaucratic stores get. If yours is higher, that's a sign of your customer loyalty and product loyalty.

Eric Davis

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