Shopify Dispatch Issue #151 - When to email, DIY SEO

Only you can determine the best time to send emails to your eCommerce customers

Sometimes doing what everyone else does is a bad idea. For years marketing companies have said that Tuesday is the best day to send emails to customers. So guess what happens?

Everyone sends emails on Tuesday and now your email is fighting all of the competition.

That's why Max Rice's article on testing when your best time to send emails is so important.

The only tweak I'd make would be to not send the email to 10% of your list in order to measure how those non-emailed customers buy (e.g. a 45/45/10% split). It could be that sending emails to either of the two days is suboptimal.

Or do what I do and send an email every weekday and not worry about which day is the best day and just use all of the days.

10 Do-it-yourself SEO Tips to Save Money

Jill Kocher Brown has a collection of tips on doing your own SEO, as well as a couple dozen links to dig into other resources. This is great if you're doing your own SEO or trying to bootstrap it before you hire an agency.

Segment your customers to find the diamonds in the rough

Not all customers are equal but it can be difficult to dig through all of your Shopify data to find the best customers.

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically analyze your customers to find the best ones. With over 125 automatic segments, it gives your store the analytics power of the big box stores.

My articles this week

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How to measure the effectiveness of JSON-LD for SEO for Shopify

Tools I use to test a Shopify store's structured data

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