Shopify Dispatch Issue #226 - data-vocabulary sunset, 2019 holiday reports

Sunsetting support for data-vocabulary

Google is finally ending support for structured data. They've had Search Console start sending emails about it to Shopify stores and other websites on January 21st, 2020. This standard has been dead since 2011 but for some reason quite a few Shopify themes are still using it, even ones created well past 2011.

I'm predicting there's going to be flurry of activity as themes rush to update their code. If you get an email from Search Console, plan on needing to upgrade and integrate it into your own theme's changes over the next few months or hiring someone to remove it from your theme.

At least this didn't happen last month during the holiday sales.

2019 Holiday Sales Wrap-up

Speaking of holiday sales, Marcia Kaplan summarizes several 2019 holiday sales results. No surprise that mobile sales are a big factor in the growth, which is what was reported by Shopify on Black Friday too.

Data-driven marketing advice

Don't just blindly try marketing tactic after marketing tactic, hoping that a random one will grow your revenue.

By analyzing your customers and orders, Repeat Customer Insights can help find which marketing tactics attract the best customers.

My articles this week

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Paid ads and Product Rich Results

This Black Friday trend is crystal clear for Shopify stores

Let's play: spot the structured data bug that'll hurt your Rich Results. Round 1.

Eric Davis

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