Shopify Dispatch Issue #239 - Marketing in a recession, Product description length

Marketing in the Pandemic Creates Opportunities Afterward

A lot of business owners I've talked with have said they are trying to market through the recession. Armando Roggio pulled out some studies on results from marketing in recessions, going back to the 1970s.

The advice to keep marketing is solid. Marketing should be the last cuts you make.

My product descriptions should be how long?

Many merchants seem to avoid product descriptions like cats avoid water. Yet they are the heavy lifters when it comes to conversions, sales, and SEO.

Ilana Davis shares her recommendations on product descriptions as well as advice on a formula to make it easier to get past writers block.

Spot odd purchasing behavior

Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and potential defections before they happen.

My articles this week

These are not the bars you are looking for

How stockouts will permanently harm your Shopify store

Filtering and combining customer segments for further analysis

What really matters with structured data

Eric Davis

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