Shopify Dispatch Issue #240 - Shop app, Google Shopping free listings

Introducing Shop: The Most Convenient Way for Shoppers to Buy From Their Favorite Independent Brands

Shopify has released Shop, a mobile app for customers to find and buy from Shopify and other ecommerce stores. This could be a new channel to help you attract new customers.

Now You Can List Your Products for Free on Google Shopping

Google's opened up Google Shopping (and Merchant Center) to support non-paid product listings. Shopify's updated their Google Shopping app so now you can use that to create the data feed necessary for Google.

One note: Shopify's app isn't the only way to get this data to Google. Google opened their platform so any data feed sources can be used to create non-paid listings. Shopify's app is just one source, there are competing apps, some consultants will create and maintain the feed for you, and even a way to use a simple Google spreadsheet as a data source (great for smaller stores).

Spot odd purchasing behavior

Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and potential defections before they happen.

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