Shopify Dispatch Issue #259 - Pricing psychology, SEO collection pages

Pricing psychology: 9 strategies that motivate customers to buy

Matt Maggiacomo writes about different pricing psychology options you can use with your products. Not all will work in every market but they are worth testing.

SEO: 7 Ways to Optimize Category Pages

I see many vanilla collection pages in Shopify stores, many with zero unique content which means Google won’t value the page. Jill Kocher Brown created a list of 7 things for your category pages which could be applied to any Shopify store.

Learn which products build the best customers

Find which products create the most valuable customers with the new report in Repeat Customer Insights. It goes beyond your best sellers by looking at the long-term purchasing behavior of your customers.

My articles this week

How likely is each of your products to create repeat customers?

Digging up the performance-sapping weeds from your Shopify store

Shattering my phone

Highlight your most popular product variants to improve your conversions

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