Shopify Dispatch Issue #277 - Customer stages, customer retention

Customer Development

Kevin Hillstrom describes five stages that customers could go through over their lifetimes. It's interesting that he also sees clients ignoring the first two stages, which weaken the later stages' performance.

7 Customer Retention Strategies for 2021

In a similar article, Armando Roggio writes about several strategies and tools that can be used to find and retain customers.

Analyze your customer's behaviors before they defect

Your customers aren't yours forever. One might have defected today, never to be seen again.

You need to analyze your customer behavior so you can reach them before they defect.

My articles this week

Find out which customers are annual gift-givers to improve your marketing messages to them

New old normals

Using product education to attract new and retain repeat customers

Finding your consistent big spenders in Shopify

Eric Davis

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