Shopify Dispatch Issue #301 - Major accessibility problems, Shopify Unite

94% of the Largest E-Commerce Sites Are Not Accessibility Compliant

Accessibility, or rather the lack of it, has been big news for a couple of years now with many stores having lawsuits filed against them. The Baymard Institute just published their study on ecommerce accessibility and the results look poor.

From what I heard Shopify and theme developers are going to have to work really hard to get up to the legal minimum. There are deep platform changes required so this isn't something an app would be able to fix (no matter how much they claim).

Shopify Unite started

Shopify's conference for partners, developers, and agencies started on Tuesday as I'm writing this so expect to see news drip out over the next few weeks. Some things sound good but it'll be best to wait until there's something to actually use.

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help you compare how your customers change over-time and spot new trends.

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