Shopify Dispatch Issue #302 - Shopify Unite 2021 announcements

Shopify Unite 2021 announcements

The big news since last week is from Shopify Unite 2021. Now that the event is over, there's been more details and documentation released.

Shopify has created their own summarizes for merchants and for developers.

The big one is what they are calling Online Store 2.0. This is the reworked version of Sections Everywhere from a couple of years back. It's not as featureful as Sections Everywhere was hyped to be but Online Store 2.0 has many of the key features (e.g. sections on multiple pages, reusable code). It'll be a long upgrade process for Shopify themes and merchants but the flexibility should be useful for the majority of stores.

They've also released a Files API which means apps can now upload files directly to your store (Settings > Files) and use Shopify's CDN. These files will be available from theme-to-theme, unlike the theme assets workaround some apps have.

I expect more details about other features to come out as they move out of developer-land and are used more generally.

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