Shopify Dispatch Issue #303 - Homepages, Welcome program example

The Current State of Homepage UX - 8 Common Pitfalls

Baymard published part of their homepage evaluations from their research. There's a lot of good advice in here that can help most Shopify stores.

Customer Development Example: Birds Aren't Real

Kevin Hillstrom shares an example of a welcome program that makes it easy to talk about the brand.

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help you compare how your customers change over-time and spot new trends.

My articles this week

Why should your customers come back to your store?

What to do when things grow like weeds

How the First Product Analysis report shows customer behavior

Focus on email driving purchases and not list-building

Eric Davis

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