Shopify Dispatch Issue #434 - Shop Pay for all, Own your own event

Issue #434 - January 17th, 2024

Experience the Magic of Shop Pay

Shopify is now offering Shop Pay to non-Shopify stores (mostly enterprise stores). If this is successful, it could mean more features developed into Shop Pay and that marketplace.

Chili Bowl

Kevin Hillstrom writes about why you want to own your own event instead of competing on Prime Day, Cyber Monday, etc.

Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior

Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as long-term retention cycles. Repeat Customer Insights can automatically create cohorts for your Shopify store, going back to your very first order.

My articles this week

Prove yourself to your customer

Don't try to fix situations

Important customer behavior metrics for Shopify stores

Advice on how to actually IMPROVE your metrics

Eric Davis

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