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Product bundles involve combining multiple products into one item a customer can purchase.

Bundles can take two forms:

  1. Time-saving measure to manage multiple regular items as one
  2. Pre-built kit

Time-saving bundle

The time-saver bundle works just like a customer bought each individual item. Oftentimes they'll actually work like that in a cart where the bundle just adds each one to the cart.

Sometimes a coupon code is added to provide a discount but they aren't expected.

Product kits

The kits on the other hand act as a complete product. They show up in the cart as one line item, with one set price, and cannot be split apart into the individual products.

These bundles can be priced at a discount without having to use coupons. Though depending on how they work, they can be an inventory nightmare.

Purpose of product bundles

Product bundles are a way to nudge customers to spend more in your store and to give them help ordering complementary products.

By pricing bundles higher than the Average Order Value, you'll start to increase how much customers spend. The more you promote and sell the bundles, the more AOV can increase.

Bundle also act in customer education and product discovery roles. By bundling complementary products your customers can realize that they might need additional products they didn't think of. This can reduce the amount of customer service needed, both for questions and re-ordering concerns.

Product bundles make a lot of sense

All-in-all, adding product bundles to your Shopify store has a lot of benefits with very little downsides. Inventory issues are probably the biggest downside but if you pull inventory to "build" bundle stock, you can avoid all of those issues.

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