Shopify Dispatch Issue #381 - Better Shopify Flow automation, AOV changes

The next big evolution of Shopify Flow is here

Warren Pamukoff writes about Shopify Flow improvements including scheduling, data actions (e.g. get order details), and loops (e.g. every order today). These should help automate data collection with Flow.

Your Average Order Value now has a new definition in Shopify

Shopify has changed how they calculate Average Order Value so it's now based on gross sales minus discounts. This change is retroactive to historic data so if you export or compare that data, you might have data anomalies.

This is similar to what I've always used in my app as it represents the true behavior of the customer: what's coming out of their pocket.

Check how your holiday customers performed

Check how holiday customers performed in prior years with Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

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Eric Davis

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