Shopify Dispatch Issue #382 - SEO for new products, Commerce trends

Google Messes Up New Items Within A Category

Kevin Hillstrom writes about how Google will tend to favor your older products which makes it more difficult for your newer products to get traction.

This reminds me of an famous essay about SEO from 2004. It's a long read but it describes a lot of fundamental parts of Google and how SEO works.

9 Key Commerce Trends You Need to Watch in 2023

There are a lot of ideas about future trends in this article from Oliver Lindberg. Picking even just one to focus on this year could have the potential to shift your store's prospects this year.

Check how your holiday customers performed

Check how holiday customers performed in prior years with Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

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Use your variant data to see how your products actually perform

Getting the 2nd order from one-time customers

Time to build foundational strategies to attract customers

Analyze your 2022 holiday performance to see what your Shopify store accomplished

Eric Davis

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