Shopify Dispatch Issue #82 - Retention marketing, Customer reviews

Retention Marketing: How to Measure and Improve It

Tracking and measuring your customer and retention metrics becomes important as your store grows. Kristen outlines how to calculate these metrics by hand and a few ways to improve them.

How to Encourage Customer Reviews (And Why You Should)

If you want to boost your conversion rates and sales, you need to make sure you're encouraging your customers to leave them as often as possible. No mater how to look at the data, reviews have a major impact.

Is your Add to Cart button losing you customers SPONSOR

Your Add to Cart button is some of the most valuable digital real estate in your store. What are you doing to keep it front-and-center for your customers?

Sticky helps by always showing your Add to Cart button so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action.

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