Shopify Dispatch Issue #337 - Retail store performance, Add products faster

How to Track Store Performance: A Retailer's Guide

Ana Cvetkovic writes about how to track and measure your retail store's performance. Some metrics can be applied to online-only stores too.

A new, faster way to create and sell products

Shopify's released an update to their mobile app that will make it easier to create products.

Promote products that create your best customers

When it's time to run a promotion, how do you pick the products to feature? Best sellers are okay but wouldn't it better to promote the products that crate the best customers? Repeat Customer Insights will analyze your product and buyer behavior to show which products and variants lead to the highest quality customers.

My articles this week

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Common customer analysis circumstances Shopify stores run into

Reduce the decision-making friction around marketing

Take care of loyalty problems before they turn into weeds

Eric Davis

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