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Kurt Elster I ruthlessly unsubscribe from almost all newsletters. Eric’s one of a select few that I look actually forward to opening because it has proven itself consistently valuable for Shopify merchants.

Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Strategist, founder of Ethercycle, and a top Shopify Plus Expert.

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Shopify Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce.

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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #60 - Grow your business, Content marketing

14 actionable tips for building a more profitable ecommerce business in 2017 It's never too early to start planning for major changes to your ecommerce store. SellBrite has put together a collection of ideas you can work on in 2017. Content marketing tips for ecommerce Content marketing works well for...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #59 - Ecommerce analytics guide, Metrics-based marketing

Ecommerce Analytics for Absolute Beginners: A New Guide from Shopify Shopify has just released a new guide that I'm really looking forward to reading and recommending to customers: Ecommerce Analytics for Absolute Beginners. Switching to a metrics-based approach to ecommerce marketing In a similar vein, I wrote about how to...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #58 - Theme sections, Loyalty programs

Introducing a New Way to Build Your Online Store Shopify released their "sections" feature for themes which are a way to design your store using drag-and-drop. While it won't replace premium themes yet, it can make coming up with a functional and simple theme easier. Customer Loyalty Programs: Why Retailers...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #56 - Sales tax nexus, Simplicity

Nexus: The Hidden Sales Tax Pitfall That Puts Your Profits At Risk Death and taxes... and more taxes. While they serve a purpose, sales taxes can become a significant burden to ecommerce stores. If you're not careful and informed, they could even sneak up on you too. Enhance Ecommerce UX...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #55 - Email campaigns, Apps

Black Friday Deals: 10 Tips to Send High-Converting Holiday Sales Emails With the holiday season approaching, it's time to dust off your email campaigns and start optimizing them. Segmentation and personalization will be important once again if you want to get customers to respond to your emails. 7 Shopify Apps...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #53 - Shopify App, Customer data

Introducing the New Mobile Shopify App Shopify released a redesigned Shopify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Hopefully they can use this redesign to start rolling out new features. I'd love to see Shopify Apps come to their mobile app. 5 Interesting Uses of Customer Data for Ecommerce Marketing I'm...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #52 - Ecommerce platform migrations, Boosting CLTV

Migrating an Enterprise eCommerce Website to a New Platform Switching ecommerce platforms is a major decision for your store. Ideally you'd never have to do it but as your organization grows, you might need to consider switching if your current platform is causing you too many problems. Boosting Customer Lifetime...

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