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Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Strategist, founder of Ethercycle, and a top Shopify Plus Expert.

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Shopify Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce.

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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #112 - Shopify Live View, Product photo A/B testing

Introducing Live View: Watch Visitors Become Customers with Real-Time Reporting Shopify just released a new report called Live View which features a real-time view of what your visitors are doing right now. It's pretty and could be useful during launches, but you'll want to make sure you're not too distracted...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #110 - eBay and Shopify, Control groups

Start Selling on eBay with Shopify Shopify has released an eBay sales channel so now you can sync your products from Shopify to eBay and back. The Ultimate Guide to Control Groups You'd never stop a marketing campaign that was working in order to fund one that was losing money,...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #109 - Launching products, Pricing psychology

Introducing New Products: Tactics to Ensure New Lines Will Land With Customers While it skips over most of the important parts of planning and development of a new product, this article has a good outline for launching a new product. The Psychology of Competitive Pricing for Ecommerce Pricing is hard....

Shopify Dispatch Issue #107 - Google Autocomplete, A/B testing

Introducing Google Autocomplete for Shopify: Less Friction at Checkout, More Sales Shopify is starting to roll out their Google Autocomplete feature to checkout over the next few weeks. Thinking about A/B Testing for Your Client? Though targeted at Shopify Partners looking to do A/B testing for clients, this article by...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #105 - Product reviews, Bulk label printing

5 Ways to Amplify the Power of Your Reviews This Holiday Season Customer reviews, and social proof in general, can be a powerful way to increase your store's conversion rate. Theresa O'Neil has five ways you can reuse your reviews in your marketing. Introducing Bulk Label Printing for Shopify Shipping...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #104 - Shopify Flow, Shopify SEO rankings

What Is Ecommerce Automation? Shopify Flow Shopify has released their Flow app which can create automation workflows for your store. It's a Plus-only feature for now but there are plenty of automation ideas in here that can be adapted to other apps and tools. The impact of JSON-LD for SEO...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #103 - Shopify survey results, ROAS vs ROMI

Ecommerce Survey 2017: The Trials & Tribulations of a Booming Industry Shopify released the first set of analysis from their ecommerce survey for 2017. It's interesting that some of the top struggles are also things a few of my apps help with... almost as if I planned that huh? ;)...

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