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Kurt Elster I ruthlessly unsubscribe from almost all newsletters. Eric’s one of a select few that I look actually forward to opening because it has proven itself consistently valuable for Shopify merchants.

Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Strategist, founder of Ethercycle, and a top Shopify Plus Expert.

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Shopify Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce.

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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #176 - Pricing strategy, Marketing tactics

Pricing Strategy: 10 Ways to Find the Perfect Price for Your Products Pricing is a complex mix of art and science, there is no "perfect price" for any product (even if that's the title of this article). Instead you have trade-offs to weigh and consider, which Lindsey Peacock provides an...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #175 - AOV improvements, Effective welcome emails

5 Highly-Effective Ways to Increase the Average Order Value of Your Online Store Improving your Average Order Value is a good goal as long as you're not pursuing it blindly (see my article below). Corey Ferreira goes into five of the better tactics to improve your AOV. They sound simple...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #174 - New Shopify Forums, SEO lulls

Introducing Shopify Community: An Enhanced Forums Experience Shopify has refreshed their forums with a new set of software. I'm hoping it's a bit easier to search and find information. SEO: 6 Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do Most of the time you're not actively working on your...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #172 - 2019 predictions, Email subscribers

16 Ecommerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019 With the new year comes new predictions about what will be driving ecommerce sales. Some of these have been holdovers from prior years... 7 ways to capture email subscribers (without making a sale first) ... and then there are the tried-and-true...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #171 - MineThatData

With the holiday season ending and the holidays themselves wrapping up, there hasn't been much written about ecommerce. So this week I want to highlight an author who I don't cover enough here: Kevin Hillstrom from MineThatData. Kevin has a very analytical mind and is constantly digging into issues that...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #168 - Post-mortems, Renting and advertising

Black Friday 2018 Deals: How to Determine a Campaign's Success With a Post-Mortem Though targeted at retail stores, this post-mortem analysis can work equally well for ecommerce-only stores. Renting Advertising dollars are flowing like a torrent this season but are you overly dependent on advertising? Kevin Hillstorm looks at how...

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