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Kurt Elster I ruthlessly unsubscribe from almost all newsletters. Eric’s one of a select few that I look actually forward to opening because it has proven itself consistently valuable for Shopify merchants.

Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Strategist, founder of Ethercycle, and a top Shopify Plus Expert.

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Shopify Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce.

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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #409 - Profit profiles, Marketing campaign metrics

Issue #409 - July 26th, 2023 Profit Profiles How many repeat orders and how much profit you capture has a huge impact on your performance. Kevin Hillstrom outlines three example profit profiles and shows how different paybacks can change what acquisition options you have. Introducing new ways to optimize your...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #408 - Business trajectory, Variety packs

Issue #408 - July 19th, 2023 Reverting Back To The Trajectory Line Kevin Hillstrom describes how the COVID bump is over and many business are struggling. It would be a good idea to measure your performance pre-bump and see what it looks like if you ignore 2020 and 2021. Variety...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #407 - Smart order routing, Replacing product pages

Issue #407 - July 12th, 2023 Smart Order Routing: Prioritize Fulfillment Locations and Deliver Products Faster to Your Customers Emily Manley describes the new smart order routing feature added to Shopify. This will help multi-location stores decide where each order should be fulfilled from. Reduce confusion when replacing an old...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #406 - Linking Llama, Checkout conversions

Issue #406 - July 5th, 2023 Turn discontinued products into opportunities with Linking Llama Ilana Davis launches Linking Llama to help discontinued products convert buyers. What a billion data points reveal about conversion and the future of commerce Bobby Morrison writes about a report on checkout conversions commissioned by Shopify....

Shopify Dispatch Issue #403 - Shopify marketing automations, Quick answers

Issue #403 - June 14th, 2023 Level Up Your Marketing Automations: Ezra Firestone's Expertise in New Templates Desirae Odjick shares three automated email marketing campaigns you can build in Shopify Email. Quick Answers Drive Conversions Pamela Hazelton gives examples of how to add answers to product pages to help conversion...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #401 - Email marketing, More customers are better

Issue #401 - May 31st, 2023 eCommerce Email Marketing: The Complete Guide Patrick Rauland wrote a guide on how ecommerce stores can use email marketing. Just remember, you don't have to jump right into automation. You can ease into it. As long as you're sending messages to customers over email,...

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