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Kurt Elster I ruthlessly unsubscribe from almost all newsletters. Eric’s one of a select few that I look actually forward to opening because it has proven itself consistently valuable for Shopify merchants.

Kurt Elster, Ecommerce Strategist, founder of Ethercycle, and a top Shopify Plus Expert.

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Shopify Dispatch is a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce.

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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #430 - Merchandising, Find 404 pages

Issue #430 - December 20th, 2023 Happy holidays to everyone reading this. I hope your 2023 has been everything you hoped it would be. Just Like Sports Kevin Hillstrom compares sports teams and merchandising. The final part is one reason why you get lots of seemingly conflicting advice. Marketing/messaging is...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #427 - Why offer 50% off, Shopify Black Friday results

Issue #427 - November 29th, 2023 Inflection Points: Thanksgiving Kevin Hillstrom asks, why offer 50% to a customer who would be willing to pay full-price? This is how you can make customer segmenting pay for itself many-times over. Shopify merchants break Black Friday record with $4.1 billion in sales Looks...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #426 - 1 or 3-Page Checkout, Handling Black Friday

Issue #426 - November 22nd, 2023 All merchants can now choose between the one-page checkout and three-page checkout Shopify has added the option to use a one-page or three-page checkout for all non-Shopify Plus stores. Both should be tested to see which performs better but I doubt there's enough time...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #425 - Shipping and fulfillment, SEO meta descriptions

Issue #425 - November 15th, 2023 5 Reasons to Ship and Fulfill With Shopify This Holiday Season Maria Acle gives a few tips about shipping for the 2023 holiday season including avoiding the holiday surcharges in Shopify Shipping. Crafting meta descriptions to get the click Ilana Davis writes about meta...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #424 - Difficult customer acquisition, Shopify Tax Platform

Issue #424 - November 8th, 2023 Times Have Changed Kevin Hillstrom writes about how 2023's customer acquisition is getting so difficult that stores are reaching for deep discounts even before the holiday season starts. The Shopify Tax Platform: Automated Sales Tax Built for Enterprise Businesses David Toper writes about the...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #422 - GeoIP, Rebuy rates impact loyalty

Issue #422 - October 25th, 2023 GeoIP is now a part of Automatic Redirection Shopify has moved the GeoIP feature from Shopify Plus into the Automatic Redirection. If you use either of these, you'll want to do some extensive testing to make sure it's configured correctly for Google and any...

Shopify Dispatch Issue #421 - eCommerce Expo 2023, Holiday shopper survey

Issue #421 - October 18th, 2023 eCommerce Expo Was AI-Heavy, but Ultimately About How We Keep Shopping Personal Deann Evans shares what they learned at the London eCommerce Expo 2023. 7 things you need to know about this year's holiday shoppers Shopify shares another survey they commissioned to research holiday...

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